Product information vacuum clamping systems

Vacuum clamping with Vilmill from Witte is always the first choice when numerous small components have to be machined from a large-format workpiece.


The Vilmill vacuum clamping system consists of a fleece-like, coated film, a vacuum clamping chuck and a powerful pump system for the generation of vacuum.


The Villmill film is placed between the chuck and the workpiece. The heat generated during machining causes the special surface coating to bond the workpiece to the Vilmill material.


The negative pressure works through the Vilmill film, which at the same time acts as a "buffer material". The precisely coordinated permeability of the Vilmill material increases the efficiency of the vacuum chuck and reduces vacuum consumption.


Especially when machining small parts, Vilmill offers additional security thanks to the adhesive effect. In addition, the removal of the machined parts from the machine is made much easier.


Vilmill is suitable for aluminum and plastic panels up to 15 millimeters thick.



Status: May 2019