Fixturing system for optical measuring and testing devices

With ALUFIX XS, Witte offers a modular fixturing system especially for optical measuring and testing equipment as well as multi-sensor measuring devices. ALUFIX XS is the logical continuation of Witte‘s modular philosophy established worldwide: All system elements follow the ALUFIX modular concept and are also compatible with ALUFIX.

With ALUFIX XS from Witte, it is also possible to safely hold even delicate geometries without damaging or deforming the component during fixation. At the same time it ensures that all required measuring points can be recorded; be it with various light sources of a multi-sensor system (reflected light, transmitted light, coaxial light) or with a tactile touch probe. For both optical (2D) and 3D measurements.

ALUFIX XS: Features and Benefits

  • flexible and economical modular system
  • compatible with the ALUFIX system
  • CNC machined elements made of high-strength aluminum
  • highest dimensional accuracy
  • low weight
  • almost unlimited holding and adaptation options