FixBase MDD®

Mobile structure plates with multidirectional drive

Strong base for structures and fixtures. Precise measurement base.
Smart transport plate. All of the above in perfect combination.

  • Witte FixBase MDD® are the mobile, self-propelled, multidirectional steering structure plates for dynamic efficient part logistics, loading process, and measuring room coordination.
  • Extremely manoeuvrable, very robust, with highest accuracy, flatness and parallelism. Equipped with the latest controller technology and based on decades of Witte experience

in the field of structure plates builts in sandwich type design. A 100 percent Witte inhouse development to highest quality and manufacturing standards

Multidirectional mobility

Unrestricted, precise mobility in all directions thanks to the unique Witte MultiDirectional-Drive technology.

Intelligent modular linking of chassis and drive unit. Unlimited, variable combination of driving directions.

Mecanum wheels

Eight Mecanum wheels per chassis - four of which are powered - each on two air-lift bag chassis swing arms.

For absolute controlled, smooth and balanced acceleration, moving and decelerating in every direction.

Chassis with air-lift bags and Z-positioning

Complete relief of the wheels and exact lowering of the plate to the Z rest position / placement phases. For

  • high repeat accuracy due to physical, form fit type, locators
  • exact leveled positioning also on uneven ground - indispensable especially for tactile measuring,
  • creating a safe distance between the floor and the lowered plate.

Load-bearing, light and highly precise plate structure

Witte FixBase MDD® benefits from Witte's profound experience in the development and build of structure / sandwich plates. The tried and tested frame design

  • is known for high rigidity and therefore the best long-term accuracy,

  • can be adapted to different loads and dimensions,
  • allows great flexibility of integration / fixation of built-in components,
  • offers good accessibility for maintenance and service,
  • guarantees highest overall accuracy, flatness and parallelism of the structure.

Integrated floor charging contacts for refreshing of the battery charge status

Charging contacts in the plate and floor at the resting positions ensure that the on-board batteries are constantly refreshed during the positioning / parking phases. For permanent availability without loss of performance and additional protection against deep discharge of the batteries.

Individual formats, grid and bushing sizes/types

Witte FixBase MDD® offers the complete flexibility of the Witte structure plate concept with individually selectable plate size, grid distances and bushing geometries, even interchangeable bushings and threads. Precisely adaptable to the respective application conditions and user requirements.

Performance- and safety-oriented lead-gel batteries

Equipped with cost effective, performance- and safety-oriented lead-gel batteries:

  • technically reliable
  • readily available

  • short charging cycle times
  • well protected against deep discharge and overcharging
  • uncomplicated logistics (transport is not classified as a hazardous shipment, such as with Li- batteries)

Intuitive handling via radio remote control and / or control panel

Effortless, precise steering and positioning via radio remote control as well as controller activation by touch recognition. Large-format status monitor, multilingual user interface, extensively customizable and editable. Blocking against unauthorized access as well as complete activity log via status memory.

Safe positioning via physical guide rails and visual laser spots

Significantly higher mechanically guided accuracy and reliability compared to only electronic guidance. Recognized to be the best solution even in confined spaces and for optimal use of the measuring volume. Ideally acting in combination with laser spots for positioning and driving information.