Modular Fixturing Systems


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Modular Fixturing Systems - Main Catalogue


WITTE Imagebrochure
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Our Imagebrochure

Witte TopPos
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Modular Positioning System

Modular Clamping Systems
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Overview on all Witte systems

Alufix Classic Basic Sets
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Our overview of Basic Sets helps CMM users select an appropriate Kit for their machine

Fixinspect 2019 E

Fixinspect accessories simplify and speed up accurate measuring

Fixbase 2019 E

Mobile precision in XXL format

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Modular Base Chassis

Additional information

Alufix Workstation

Workstation with variable drawers and grid base plate as set up or assembly table

Hook clamps -A gripping alternative-

For many years Witte has been on the fixturing market with a comprehensive programme of different kinds of hook clamps.

Slides and cross slides

Technical information on new slides and cross slides for Alufix ECO and Aluquick.

Info sheet Loading System

Automatic pallet and loading system for coordinate measuring machines

Info sheet Flexible Measuring Appliance

FMA Flexible Measuring Appliance in sandwich plate style with integrated jacks

Vacuum Clamping Technology


Vacuum Clamping Technology
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Current Catalogue for Vacuum clamping technology


Witte Vacuum Chucks

Witte Vacuum Chucks for gentle and fast clamping


Aluminium-Spannelemente für den Einsatz auf und in Werkzeugmaschinen

Vacuum clamping plate for measuring arm

A clamping method using vacuum

Operating instructions for Vacuum clamping technology


Vacuum Clamping Device FLIP-POD™

Perforated grid type

Vacuum Clamping Perforated grid type

Grid type

Vacuum Clamping Device Grid type

METAPOR© / Sintered Metal

Vacuum Clamping Device METAPOR© / Sintered Metal

Slot type

Vacuum Clamping Device Slot type


Vacuum Clamping Device VAC-MAT™