Product information vacuum clamping systems

Microporous vacuum clamping chucks from Witte enable absolutely "level" clamping or holding of parts. Thin carrier films or wafers are not pulled down by suction holes, suction grooves, etc., thereby avoiding the risk of deformation. Especially in automation processes, the low weight and precision of microporous chucks also score points.


Another advantage of these chucks: the vacuum achieves a high level of efficiency even if the microporous surface is not completely covered. This means that workpieces of different sizes can also be fixed on the same plate.


Likewise, the porous surface can be divided into separately switchable areas and these can be individually activated with vacuum.


Microporous vacuum chucks from Witte, equipped with corresponding functions, can be heated up to 150 degrees Celsius and also cooled. Special plates for transmitted light applications are also available.


The range includes chuck surfaces made of air-permeable materials such as sintered bronze, ceramics or aluminum from Witte. Even black and fluorescent clamping surfaces are available.


Microporous vacuum clamping systems are characterized by full-surface suction through which foils, for example, are clamped absolutely flat. The pressure drop in the structure makes the usual covering of free surfaces unnecessary. Vacuum surfaces made of microstructures are ideal for fixing foils and electronic parts or for deep-drawing moulds.


Status: May 2019