Product information vacuum clamping systems

The FLIP-POD system is the specialist for large tasks in the Witte vacuum clamping chuck range. Its areas of application are primarily milling, drilling and thread cutting on large workpieces made of wood, plastic, glass, metal and sand casting. Also on those with sawn, raw or unprocessed surfaces.


The FLIP-POD system consists of a vacuum chuck with a continuous grid into which so-called pods are inserted. They form the contact points through which the component is sucked down and thus clamped. Pods that are not required can be stored upside down in the cavities of the pod plate and are available at any time for use with different component geometries.


The components do not always have a flat mounting surface over the entire part. Aircraft parts, for example, have to have a high degree of rigidity with minimal weight, which is why they are specifically ribbed and show irregular surfaces and steps.


For these and other special challenges, Witte has developed special pod models: There are half and three-quarter pods, an excentric version and even a height-adjustable version. With the latter, the desired height of up to 50 millimeters can be fixed with a caliper, a presetting device or simply by hand. A special lock protects against accidental shifting.


And the FLIP-POD vacuum system saves time: at the push of a button, the component can be clamped and released in just one second. Damage to the workpieces, as happens again and again for example with vices or clamps, is almost impossible with this system.



Status: May 2019