ALUFIX software from Witte: Successful programmes for design

The Alufix Expert 3D design software and FIXMES parts library for CAD systems provide two powerful tools for the effective use of modular ALUFIX fixturing systems.

Alufix expert

Alufix Expert supports design of fixtures with associated parts lists, making users completely independent of costly 3D CAD systems. The intelligent software calculates and recommends complete design solutions and variants.

In addition, workpiece data in all standard formats (Step, IGES) can be imported for checking and picking surface points and vectors.

The design data calculated with Alufix Expert can be exported in IGES, STL or VRML format (for example for offline programming of coordinate measuring machines) as well as with a macro and the respective component library in Catia V5, NX and Autocad. In addition, customer-specific component data can easily be read via all common CAD data formats.


FIXMES is a geometry parts library for the design and documentation of fixtures with the modular fixturing system ALUFIX from Witte.

Using standard ALUFIX elements, fixtures can be designed and assembled in a fraction of the time otherwise required. Further, the simulation of structures on screen saves costly occupancy and downtime of measuring machines. The finished virtual design can then be issued together with the parts list for the real fixture.

FIXMES does not require any special training as only standard functions of the respective CAD system are used.