ALUFIX product upgrade: Black becomes standard

Extra benefits at no extra charge. More than just looking good.

  • Perfect results when using optical measuring methods.
  • Harmonious integration in most production environments.
  • Even greater availability across the entire ALUFIX catalogue range.

Looking good…

Witte is currently converting the entire range of parts of the modular clamping and fixturing system ALUFIX to high-quality black anodizing. As standard and without any surcharge! For multiple user benefits and using a completely uncomplicated ordering process. More than 80 percent of the most requested articles are already in stock in black colour. The entire range will gradually reach the usual high ALUFIX.

...or not.

However, optical measuring methods will see nothing of the change. At least in the figurative sense. And that's a good thing. Because black anodized fixturing elements prevent potentially disturbing light reflections. With the eminent advantage of significantly accelerated measuring and evaluation processes with the highest precision.

So, now you see it, now you don’t.

High availability, one hundred percent compatible

In the mid-term, the black anodized ALUFIX version will entirely replace the "natural-coloured" aluminium version that has been offered in parallel up to now. This concentration on the technically high-quality black ALUFIX version simultaneously increases availability across the entire, highly diversified catalogue part range of the modular clamping and fixturing system.

The intelligent principle of the modular ALUFIX concept allows unlimited, long-term multiple use of practically all standard elements installed in fixtures. Including of course, combinations of already existing aluminium-coloured elements with new black anodized ones

Ordering: Totally uncomplicated, uncompromisingly customer-oriented

Added value without extra effort: For our customers, the changeover to the high-quality black ALUFIX version does not involve any extra effort or uncertainty. This is because during the changeover phase, order confirmations for orders that have already been placed will only be converted to the black version after consultation and request/consent from the customer.

New ALUFIX quotations, in contrast, will be issued with article numbers of the black anodized versions – provided this does not result in longer delivery times.

Irrespective of this, the "natural aluminium" anodization is still available on request and as an option for the time being, as long as current stock lasts. Aluminium-coloured elements that are no longer in stock can also be ordered in the future as a made-to-order product – with a longer delivery time compared to the black version.

Questions about the ALUFIX product upgrade?

We will gladly inform you in detail and personally. Our ALUFIX competence team looks forward to receiving your call or your mail.