Fixtures & Jigs

Fixture building by Witte:
Precision from the market leader.
From planning to approval.

Expert precision directly from the factory. With the knowledge of the developers and security of the market leader: that is fixture design from Witte with ALUFIX.

With the infinite possibilities of ALUFIX modular fixturing system we implement individually for our clients

  • measuring and control fixtures,
  • Inner, outer meisterbocks or matching fixtures of different types and sizes as well as
  • Support structures for cubes and gauges.


  • quality inspection,
  • manufacturing,
  • prototype design,
  • modelling as well as
  • design development.

Witte offers complete manufacturing of fixtures from

  • planning to
  • design to
  • assembly to
  • acceptance.

State-of-the-art CAD technology as well as the in-depth experience of our design engineers implement customer-specific fixture requirements purposefully, precisely and within the shortest possible time.

Thanks to the ingenious ALUFIX principle, even subsequent changes to already existing fixtures can be made quickly, easily and inexpensively. And: Thanks to the modular principle, disassembled fixtures can easily be rebuilt and quickly at any time.

Fixture building with Witte: using expertise, limiting cost, gaining time.