Modular Fixturing Systems

8 corners, 12 edges, 6 surfaces and a revolutionary application idea for fixturing technology:

This is Alufix from WITTE.

A universal modular system resulting from a cube for the most varying of industries. Since 1987, it is the world's leading modular clamping and fixturing system for assembling measuring fixtures, checking fixtures, gauges, a basis for cubings and much more. Numerous system additions expand the limitless application possibilities, whether for tactile or optical measurement.

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The Alufix modular system offers opportunities for any kind of three-dimensional products that have to be held, checked and measured in any way.

Modular fixturing systems from WITTE are comprehensive, intelligent solution kits. You can choose from a wide range of components - from complete fixtures and column supports to meisterbocks / fuegemeisterbocks to frames for design models and prototypes. The big advantage is the very low weight with high stability and rigidity. We offer combinable versions of materials and functional features for many different requirements.

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Few components for individual solutions

With three basic components, four system sizes and five element groups, Alufix enables individual solutions for every task. Due to the modular structure, all system elements can be combined with each other, downward compatible and repeatable. Thanks to high-quality material standard elements are 100% “retooling” capable for new tasks. With each project, this reduces investment costs for test equipment and fixtures.

System additions and transport automation for integration into your processes

The additional base and structure plates stand for maximum precision and stability in horizontal and vertical versions. The basic version serves as an intelligent addition for coordinate measuring machines and as a means of transport between setup and measuring area well as for various special applications, e.g. on roller bearings in XXL format. There are also suitable system solutions with great innovation potential for you for the increasing number of optical processes in measurement technology.

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3D prototyping and prototype construction

The grid profile Alufix has long since become the benchmark as a high-quality reference in 3D prototyping, in real prototype construction, for design development and measurement during production. We offer you planning, investment, functional and service security. Our convenient CAD parts library is available for you as a customer to be used directly during design.