Fixinspect by Witte: Make problematic measurement points visible

Fixinspect measuring adapters, targets and target frames simplify and accelerate measuring processes when using tactile and optical measuring systems. For example, they also solve the problem of measuring holes and welded studs in places that are difficult to access and free in space.

The Fixinspect programme comprises of six product lines:

Fixinspekt HK as hemispherical adapters for tactile measurement. They are available in different versions, so that all conditions - holes, square holes, slots, bolts and internal threads - can be measured. All Fixinspect hemispheres are made of high-strength aluminum with a tolerance of 0.02 millimeters and anodized without surface reflection.

Fixinspect PG makes optically difficult to detect points "visible". The specially coded measuring adapters in cube form are used to mark and locate holes, edges and corners.

Fixinspect TA are targets and reference markers for photogrammetric measurement. The position markers help to easily modify camera angles and dot density to create a reference.

Fixinspect KR target frames are used where there is no fixture available that can be equipped with reference markers and targets. All KR elements - frames and struts - can be combined and provided with targets and millimeter scales.

Fixinspect LT are used as measuring adapters for mounting spherical reflectors or as hidden point adapters when using laser trackers.

Fixinspect FT, feature target adapters with suction cup attachment, replace tedious gluing and removal of reflective tape from workpieces.