Product information vacuum clamping systems

With ICE-VICE freeze clamp technology, Witte offers an ideal solution for accurate and tension-free fixation of small and very small components, regardless of the material. Even parts with a complicated shape can be processed mechanically or separated from raw materials.


When clamping with an ICE-VICE freeze system, the workpieces are frozen flat with a capillary film of water onto the clamping plate. Relatively uneven parts are also held securely, as their gaps and depressions are filled with water. They can also be processed over the entire surface in one operation without time-consuming reclamping.


The holding forces generated during freezing in both horizontal and vertical directions are completely sufficient to fix the components firmly in place - without creating tension in the workpiece.


After machining, an automatic defrosting system ensures that the workpiece is released quickly and easily.


The freeze chuck can be mounted on the machine with conventional clamping elements.


Ice Vice is ideal for very small workpieces (for example from the jewellery industry, medical and semiconductor technology) or completely irregularly shaped, difficult to grip parts. But even large-format workpieces can be held securely with this clamping technology. Possible applications include drilling, milling, sawing, polishing, grinding, engraving, deburring.



Status: May 2019