Witte Asia company profile

Witte Far East Pte Ltd, a multi-national company founded in April 2001, has establised its presence in Asia Pacific as well as Middle East countries and is well known for fixturing in aluminium and vacuum clamping technology.

With efficient operation that render projects from concept to completion, consistent and stringent framework with a high emphasis on quality standards also awards us with the ISO 9001:2008 from TÜV Rheinland, Germany.

Witte Far East offers its products and solutions mainly in China, Japan, Australia, India, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Pakistan, Thailand, New Zealand, Philippines and Dubai. Witte Far East has grown to become one of the top international suppliers of workholding products and services primarily to Automotive, Heavy Equipment and Aerospace industries.

Alufix is a modular fixturing system, made of high tensile aerospace aluminium for measuring fixtures, checking gauges, assembly or inspection fixtures, cubings, PCF's, TRMs. It offers a large range of single components with which custom built fixtures of different sizes and types are built in a repeatable way.

Another important product line is Vacuum Clamping Technology. A large selection of vacuum components and accessories enable quick secure fixation of thin-walled workpieces with large surface areas.

As Witte products are highly versatile and easily adaptable to different application possibilities, they are commonly utilized in the following diversified range:

  • Project Management
  • Designing
  • Machining
  • Assembly
  • Quality Control

At Witte Far East, we make every effort to create the highest quality with competitive pricing. This is made possible by having well trained employees.

Our commitment is to solve customers' needs and enhancing production output, prototype development, and helping our customers improve their business processes. We are constantly adding to our machining capabilities and making a significant investment in our employees to better serve our customers.

Witte Far East and their service partners throughout Asia are at your service.


Managing Director
Jens Dueffert
Jens Düffert
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Managing Director (Sales)
Juergen Barth 2016
Jürgen Barth
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Project Manager
St Liau 2023 512
Liau Sai Teck
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Sales Manager (Vacuum)
Samuel Balraj
Samuel Balraj
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Sales Manager
Steven May Yeh Kuan
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Marketing Executive
Noorlela Hamed
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Siow Lai
Lee Siow Lai
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Liu Yufen
Liu Yufen
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Shipping & Logistics Executive
Jack Roel De Dios
Jack Roel De Dios
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