Freeze Clamping Technology

Stressfree ice-cold fixation. With ICE-VICE freeze clamp technology from Witte

With ICE-VICE freeze clamp technology from Witte, tension-free fixing of small and very small components is possible. In particular, workpieces and substrates with complex shapes can be mechanically machined.

When clamping with ICE-VICE, workpieces are frozen with a water film on to the clamping surface. And that takes place without causing any stress in the parts. Even relatively uneven parts can be clamped with ICE-VICE and can be fully machined in one operation.

ICE-VICE is particularly suitable for very small workpieces from the jewellery, medical and semiconductor industries.


  • electronics / semiconductors
  • jewellry industry
  • ceramic processing
  • optics, glass and quartz glass processing
  • metalworking
  • medical technology

Special advantages

  • high precision
  • no stress in the workpiece

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