About us

Focused on precision for 50 years

Founded in 1969 as a manufacturing partner for high-precision components in the aerospace industry, Witte Barskamp GmbH & Co. KG is today one of the leading international developers and manufacturers of modular fixturing, positioning and measuring equipment as well as feeder systems. With our modular fixturing system ALUFIX and our versatile vacuum clamping systems, we are regarded as a global market leader.

Almost all major companies in automotive and aerospace industries rely on Witte products and application solutions In addition, there is a broad range of applications in measuring and medical technology as well as in all sectors in which monitoring of dimensional quality, cost-effectiveness and precision play key roles.

Local and cosmopolitan

We employ over 200 people worldwide - the majority of them at our headquarters in Bleckede near Lüneburg, Lower Saxony. Our strong global presence is backed by branches and representative offices in the US, Mexico and Singapore, as well as more than 60 sales and service partners on all five continents.

The high quality of Witte products, which are predominantly made of aluminum, guarantee modern production technology and comprehensive process know-how at the Bleckede production site. Here too, precision machining of large-surface and difficult-to-handle aluminum components, primarily for the aerospace industry, takes place in our subcontracting service sector.

Over the past 50 years, Witte has acquired more than 250 patents, registered designs and wordmarks, 70 of which are still valid today - a testament to our ongoing enthusiasm for innovation since our founding.

Sustainable and futuristic

Decades of experience with our forward-looking sustainability correspond to this. This corporate attitude is reflected, among other things, in the comprehensive retooling capabilities of the products as well as the use of energy-efficient equipment and recyclable materials. Against this background, Witte Barskamp GmbH & Co. KG was awarded the title of "Eco-profit operation" back in 2011.

Our environmentally-oriented actions are accompanied by strong social thinking at Witte. In this way, we are involved in various ways in the regional community, are one of the most important employers in the region and have already supported well over 100 apprentices with an education which will assure them a good future.

We are proud of that and committed to it. Not only to stay as good as we have proven to be for half a century - but also to inspire industrial precision and quality work with new ideas in the future.


Lead Management

Managing Director / Managing Partner
Jens Dueffert
Jens Düffert
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Director Sales / Authorized Officer
Juergen Barth Oktober 22
Jürgen Barth
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