Product information modular fixturing systems

The modular TopPos positioning system extends the range of high-end fixturing systems from Witte with a particularly flexible, economical and extremely accurate solution.  


With its reusable standard components, TopPos also caters for complex clamping scenarios, for which up to now customized components often had to be designed and specially manufactured. The TopPos range of elements is one hundred percent identical and reusable over the long term. This significantly reduces parts and storage costs and ensures uncomplicated processes with noticeably shorter implementation times.


TopPos is based on standardized precision components that can be easily moved in the grid using a positioning element and thus positioned accurately at the clamping point - without the need for specially manufactured adapters. TopPos makes a good 90 percent of the cost-intensive special components otherwise required for conventional workpiece systems superfluous. There is practically no need for any effort to design, dimension, manufacture, program, mark and store such special elements.


In addition: In the chain of connections of conventional workpiece systems in a coarse grid, readjustment is always necessary due to the addition of error tolerances. This happens even with the most accurately machined parts. When using TopPos, this time-consuming effort is also eliminated.


With 100 percent identical parts, modular design and reusability, TopPos also allows geometry changes to be made completely problem-free without additional effort and costs. This results in another decisive advantage over conventional workpiece systems with individually adapted special components, which always require new production with all the accompanying complex process steps when the geometry is changed.


TopPos is supplied with the powerful 3D design software “Alufix Expert” from Witte as a standard at no extra charge. Clearly designed and self-explanatory, Alufix Expert calculates complete solutions and automatically creates fixture designs including the associated parts lists. This makes TopPos completely independent of other, cost-intensive 3D CAD systems.


 Status: May 2019