Product information modular fixturing systems

Fixinspect measuring adapters, targets and target frames facilitate and accelerate measuring processes with tactile and optical measuring systems. They also solve the problem of measuring bores and welding studs in hard-to-reach places that are free in space.


In order to master these and similar metrological challenges, to save time, to accelerate the manual or CNC measuring process and to achieve more accurate results, Witte has developed their product range of Fixinspect measuring adapters.


They are easier and quicker to measure than the actual point on the part itself. Thanks to defined contact surfaces and accurate manufacturing of all components, the coordinates for the respective point to be checked can be calculated back from the measured values.


The Fixinspect program comprises six product lines:


Fixinspekt HK as a hemispherical adapter for tactile measurement. The precisely manufactured aluminum hemispheres are fastened with fixing pins or self-centering in bores or placed on welded bolts. The adapters are available in different versions so that all conditions - bores, square holes, elongated holes, bolts and internal threads - can be measured. Since the majority of the hemispheres are equipped with three magnets on separate contact surfaces, the adapters are held in a self-centering manner on the sheet metal and lie absolutely clean and flat. This means that measurements in difficult locations, such as the floor of a car body, are also possible without any problems.


Adapters with inserted magnets are used for all magnetic workpieces. For non-ferrous metals and plastics, there are finger-clamps or clamp jaw adapters that center and clamp at the same time.

By probing the spherical surface, the position of the hole, the bolt or other measuring point is determined exactly.


All Fixinspect hemispheres are made of high-tensile aluminum with a tolerance of 0.02 millimeters and anodized so they don’t reflect.


Fixinspect PG make points that are difficult to detect "visible". The specially coded measuring adapters come as cubes and are used to mark and localize holes, edges and corners.


Fixinspect TA are targets and reference marks for photogrammetric measuring. The position markers support the simple modification of camera angles and point density to form a reference.


Fixinspect KR target frames are used where there is no fixture that can be equipped with reference marks and targets. All KR elements - frames and struts - can be combined and provided with targets and millimeter scales.


Fixinspect LT are used as measuring adapters to accommodate spherical reflectors when using laser trackers and as hidden point adapters.


Fixinspect FT is a feature target measuring adapter with suction cup attachment, and replaces the laborious process of sticking and removing reflective tapes from the workpiece.


 Status: May 2019