Product information modular fixturing systems

Accurate and rigid structure plates from the FixBase range from Witte serve as the basis for measuring fixtures or jigs, as a replacement for cantilever CMM measuring tables as well as transport plates and as cuboid clamp bases with five usable surfaces. They offer maximum rigidity with a comparatively low weight.


The FixBase elements are based on Witte's modular philosophy and are derived from Witte's ALUFIX modular system for fixtures in frame design, which is established worldwide,


The plates used for measuring or transport follow a sandwich type design and can be used in both horizontal and vertical orientation. The different plate designs of the FixBase range are available in natural or black anodized or hard anodized and with different grids as per customer request. They also cover all requirements of fixture design as well as tactile and optical measuring processes.


The type and build of the customer‘s measuring system are of secondary importance however, because FixBase can be used in combination with articulated arm measuring systems, tactile coordinate measuring machines, laser, scan or photogrammetry systems and even on indexing or rotary tables.


Consistently following the "modularity" system concept, Witte is continuously expanding the FixBase range. Additions of hovercraft or roller systems, depending on the floor surface, result in manually operated mobile solutions. FixBase structure plates with rails or friction wheel drive and transponder control offer a semi- or fully automatic loading solution. Vertical structure plates on turntables with air bearings and / or horizontal plates on motorized rotary tables provide further freedom of movement - for example in robot measuring cells.


The supreme discipline for FixBase structure plates from Witte is their use as a driverless transport system (AGV) in fully automatically controlled loading systems - either rail-guided, transponder-guided or navigated autonomously.


 Status: May 2019