Product information modular fixturing systems

With NewXS, Witte offers a modular clamping and fixturing system especially for optical measuring and checking equipment as well as multi-sensor measuring devices. NewXS is the consistent continuation of the globally established Witte module philosophy: All system elements follow the ALUFIX modular concept and are also compatible with ALUFIX.

Especially when measuring small, difficult workpieces, it is important to have a "clean" set-up that guarantees precision, reproducibility and repeatability of the measurement. This applies both in the field of optical (2D) testing, for example with incident or transmitted light, as well as in 3D measuring.

This requires a clamping system that can also securely hold fine geometries without damaging or deforming the component. At the same time, it should ensure that all required measuring points can be recorded; be it with the different light sources of the multi-sensor technology (incident light, transmitted light, coaxial light) or with a tactile probe system.

With the NewXS clamping system, Witte offers exactly these possibilities. For 2D measuring, the workpiece normally rests on the glass plate of the test equipment table, is placed on the inside of the NewXS frame and clamped against it and / or on the glass plate.

For 3D measuring, the frame serves as the basis for setting up even more complex contact and support points so that the workpiece can be measured from several sides.

The basic components of the NewXS clamping system include one-piece, optionally rectangular or round, closed or open frames. In addition, open frames that can be joined together from bars, to form an angle or U-shape. There are also special frames adapted to carrier tables. Bars to subdivide the frame for clamping several test parts or for the targeted positioning of alignment and clamping elements as close as possible. Adapter plates, bars with a pin, clamp holders and telescopic columns.

All system elements from NewXS follow the ALUFIX modular concept from Witte and are also compatible with ALUFIX.



Status: May 2019