Product information modular fixturing systems

With the 3D design software Alufix Expert and FIXMES as a parts library for CAD systems, Witte gives users of the modular ALUFIX fixturing systems two powerful tools.


Alufix Expert


The "Alufix Expert" software supports the design of fixtures with associated parts lists. After selecting the desired Alufix system, the basic construction (frame, plate), the grid size and the clamping point positions plus function, the software recommends complete design solutions and variants based on this information.


Component data can also be read in in all common formats for checking and tapping surface vectors. The operation of the clearly designed, self-explanatory software is grasped quickly. Two different, complementary help functions (quick help and operating instructions) support the user.


The design data calculated with Alufix Expert can be exported in IGES, STL or VRML format (e.g. for offline programming of coordinate measuring machines) and can also be transferred to Catia V5, NX and Autocad with a macro and the respective component library. In addition, customer-specific component data can be imported effortlessly using all common CAD data formats.

Alufix Expert makes the user completely independent of other, cost-intensive 3D CAD systems.





FIXMES is a geometric parts library for the design  and documentation of fixtures with the modular ALUFIX fixturing system from Witte.


With the help of ALUFIX standard elements, fixtures can be designed and assembled in a fraction of the time otherwise required. In addition, the simulation of the structure on screen saves costly occupancy and downtime of the measuring machine.


At the CAD workstation, the user designs the desired fixture for machining or for measuring a workpiece from ALUFIX components. All components stored in the FIXMES library can be used for this.


For even more clarity and even faster work, individual levels or elements, such as holes, can be hidden in FIXMES. The completed virtual design can then be output together with the parts list for the real structure.


Particularly user-friendly: FIXMES does not require any special training, as only standard functions of the respective CAD system are used.



Stand: May 2019