Even working with adapter plates for multiple clamping is easily possible using slot chucks from Witte. In combination with rubber adapter mats from the Witte range, holes can be drilled and pockets and openings milled without loss of vacuum.

The decisive advantages of Witte slot chucks are their low overall height and, in combination with the rubber mat, the high-speed cutting capability for milling small contours, apertures and cutouts.

Areas of application

  • light cutting work, such as
  • milling
  • drilling
  • engraving

Special advantages

  • low height
  • wide range of applications due to the (obligatory) use of usually reusable rubber adapter mats
  • High Speed Cutting (HSC) can be used to mill small contours using plane-parallel milled rubber adapter mats
  • clamping smaller workpieces possible


  • easy workpiece positioning with height-adjustable stop rails
  • limiting of vacuum area on surface with cover sheets or rubber adapter mats