Witte microporous vacuum chucks are the ideal solution for clamping and fixing for measuring and test procedures, for precision machining and in silicon wafer production. Substrates such as RFID films or wafers are not deformed by suction holes, suction grooves, etc.

Witte microporous chucks can be heated or cooled, each with appropriate controls. Special systems for transmitted light applications are also available. For microporous surfaces Witte offers a wide variety of materials, for example sintered bronze, ceramics or aluminum. Even black and fluorescent clamping surfaces are available.


  • measuring, checking and machining of thin-walled substrates (e.g., papers, foils, circuit boards, wafers, PCB boards),
  • fine (e.g., optics) and
  • flexible (e.g., rubber) materials
  • measuring and testing
  • pecision machining
  • silicon wafer production

Special advantages

  • no deformation of the workpieces, as there are no grooves or holes
  • recessing possible when using a Friction Booster
  • METAPOR © plates available in different qualities 


  • modular versions for large clamping surfaces
  • workpiece-specific custom built chucks possible

Witte METAPOR © Fields of application:

  • Vacuum clamping technology

METAPOR © vacuum clamping systems are characterized by full-surface suction without any bores. Films and foils can be clamped absolutely flat. The pressure drop in the structure makes covering of free surfaces obsolete. METAPOR © is excellently suited for fixing foils and electronic parts as well as a gripper for soft objects.

  • Air film glide technology

The distribution of pressure in the METAPOR © structure allows even load bearing forces, also when only the surface is only partially covered. Air consumption and noise emissions are significantly low. Problem-free processing enables cost savings for aerostatic components and opens up new perspectives for rotary bearings, conveyor and extrusion beds.

  • Mold technology

Deep draw molds from METAPOR © do not require drill holes. Undesirable bore imprints on deep-drawn parts are thus excluded. Full suction surface allows very complex structures without air pockets and distortions. The complete flow-through of air prevents high temperature areas building up. Rational production and immediate usability promise a valuable technological advantage.