The vacuum system FLIP-POD is mainly used for milling, drilling and thread cutting on large workpieces made of wood, plastic, glass, metal and cast iron.

FLIP-POD fixes the workpiece via suction cup-like pods embedded in the vacuum chuck. They create the contact points to the component, via which it is sucked down and clamped. Pods not required are stored upside down in the cavities of the pod chuck and lie there until required for use with other part geometries.

Flip-pod is available in numerous variations such as half and three-quarter pods, eccentric and even height-adjustable.


  • milling (pockets, through and contour milling)
  • drilling
  • threading
  • recessing

of large workpieces made of

  • wood
  • plastic / glass
  • metal
  • cast
  • also with sawn, rough and non-machined surfaces
  • extrusions

Special advantages

  • high downforce enables use on large machines
  • machining chamfers, radii and recesses possible on the outer contour of the workpiece on the top and underneath
  • individual adaptation to the respective clamping situation


  • pods serve as support for the workpiece to be clamped
  • easy activation of individual pods by flipping over
  • modular system, extendable for large clamping surfaces