Special features of Witte modular grid chucks are their high holding forces and secure clamping of unprocessed workpieces. As well as compensating of small bumps and bulges on the workpiece clamping surface by inlaying O shaped seal.

Witte grid chucks are available in standard sizes as well as special designs. For small workpieces with different shapes finely gridded plates are also available.


  • grinding
  • milling
  • turning

Special advantages

  • maximum holding forces
  • universal use
  • safe clamping of unprocessed workpiece surfaces
  • compensation of small unevenness and bulges on workpiece clamping surface by using O-shaped seal


  • special shapes and sizes available in all dimensions
  • recommended grid spacing depends on workpiece contour and size
  • defining clamping area by using O-shaped seal
  • finely gridded chucks for small workpieces with different shapes
  • acts as a basis for many special solutions together with special vacuum adapter plates