July 2018 | Vacuum-Clamping fixture for checking SD cards

Secure fixation and measuring of 32 cards at the same time

Vacuum clamping chucks from Witte have proven their value in many areas of electronics and semiconductor technology and stand for precise, fast and gentle clamping. The product range has expanded to include a new expert solution with a vacuum chuck especially for checking several SD cards at the same time.

An essential basic requirement for reliable testing of commercially available SD memory cards is free access to the measuring system on at least five sides of the sensitive workpieces. Already because of this mandatory requirement, the use of vacuum clamping technology is practically the only option. In addition, there is a requirement for workpiece clamping that is both gentle and repeatable.

Witte Barskamp GmbH & Co. KG has implemented an expert solution specifically designed for this application: A multiple vacuum chuck for simultaneous testing of up to 32 SD cards.

For the measuring process, the cards are positioned or aligned on a special passe-partout (matting or tray with cutouts). The passe-partout is then guided to the correct position by means of two permanently installed stops so that the SD cards are placed on the respective clamping surfaces.

When vacuum is applied all SD cards are accurately and securely fixed for the measurement process at the same time. After measuring has been completed, the passe-partout, including the SD cards, can be removed and re-loaded.


July 2018


Secure fixation and measuring of 32 cards at the same time


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