November 2019 | Ingenious solution: Hold-down springs with release function

Innovation from Witte

Witte Barskamp GmbH & Co. KG with a further product development: hold-down springs with a release function. The patented solution gives the user considerable handling advantages.


The German fixturing specialist Witte has improved the supposedly fully developed product hold-down spring with a new significant detail: a manual release function…


It consists of a pin lever positioned at the rear of the spring base, which is operated by simply applying pressure with a finger. When the spring is tensioned and moved against the base, it releases the holding force - either completely or in a precisely dosed manner. The spring can be released with little effort and lifted off the workpiece - or readjusted precisely without having to completely release the pressure or remove it.


Compared to the handling of previous hold-down springs, the new solution from Witte is very user-friendly and requires less force.


The new release system is available for aluminum hold-down springs with variable clamping forces for the modular ALUFIX clamping system from Witte.



November 2019

Innovation from Witte


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