April 2023 | Lifetime warranty for Modular fixturing system elements

Confirmed quality promise from Witte

With a lifetime warranty on all standard catalogue elements of its modular clamping system ALUFIX, the German measuring and clamping device specialist Witte Barskamp confirms its quality promise.


The "lifetime warranty" extends over the entire service life of the respective element at the users and applies to all ALUFIX standard catalogue parts purchased from April 2023. Witte is thus providing this product range of its market-leading modular clamping system with a further proof of quality that goes beyond the warranty rights regulated in the GTC.


ALUFIX from Witte is the globally proven clamping and fixing system for reproducible workpiece holders in dimensional measurement and production technology. ALUFIX is the basis for measuring and checking fixtures, assembly and welding fixtures as well as meisterbocks, support structures for cubings and gauges. They are also used in prototype, and model building and design developments, for example for mounting of clay models.


Fixtures and measuring setups assembled with ALUFIX are reliably reproducible. The consistent implementation of the modular system allows unlimited, long-term multiple use of virtually all standard elements installed in fixtures.

Confirmed quality promise from Witte


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