October 2022 | Emptying without interruption of vacuum circuit

New automatic liquid separator from Witte

With the automatic liquid separator "Ocean", the German specialist for clamping systems Witte Barskamp presents a completely new, maintenance-friendly solution for use with vacuum clamping technology. The sophisticated two-chamber system of the separator allows emptying without interrupting the vacuum circuit.


The new, completely in-house development from Witte, integrated into the suction line of the vacuum clamping system, works entirely independently and separates all sucked-in liquids fully automatically.

Even at only atmospheric pressure, the unit impresses with a separation capacity of around 100 liters per hour. Optionally charged with compressed air, the capacity increases to approx. 250 litres/hour.

A two-chamber principle, an electric valve and a control function ensure that the cooling emulsion is drained independently and in a precisely controlled manner.

This latest Witte development demonstrates its process advantage especially with large-area vacuum clamping systems or when long periods of vacuum clamping are required due to complicated machining of parts. Automatic separation is essential here if neither the clamping process is to be interrupted nor the process reliability affected.

The separator, which will be available from spring 2023, can be integrated in just a few simple steps and consists only of connecting/attaching a maximum of two vacuum hoses and connecting to the 230-volt power supply.

With quick-release locks, easily accessible filters and smooth, dirt-resistant surfaces, the "Ocean" system is also extremely easy to maintain. High-quality materials of the filter housing and filter elements.ensure maximum protection against corrosion as well as chemical and thermal influences.

New automatic liquid separator from Witte


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