February 2023 | Excellent Environmental protection management

Witte Barskamp is ISO 14001 certified

The German fixturing specialist Witte Barskamp has now been awarded the ISO 14001 certification for its sustainable environmental protection management. The current confirmation is part of a long list of groundbreaking environmental protection evidence at Witte - from the abandonment of plastic packaging to their own cogeneration plant and planned solar park for self-sufficient power supply.


The ISO 14001 certification now issued verifiably demonstrates Witte’s organizational commitment to the environment and the more effective use of global resources. Among other things, through clearly defined responsibilities and processes within the operational environmental protection. This includes regulations for planning, execution and control as well as the definition of responsibilities and behavior and procedure processes.


The areas of design and development, production, project management, quality assurance, commissioning, service and sales as well as measurement services were certified. The confirmation covers all Witte product and production areas: modular fixturing, positioning and measuring devices; feeding and transport systems for measurement technology and quality assurance; Vacuum and special clamping technology as well as machining of high-precision components for the aerospace industry.


Witte has focused on environmental protection and resource conservation for decades. As early as 2010, the company was awarded "Ökoprofit-Betrieb", which largely corresponds to today’s certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001. 

The concept of sustainability is implemented from the basic principle of avoidance before recycling; recycling before disposal to the large-scale investment-intensive project. For example, the company’s own cogeneration plant or the currently planned construction of a hectare-sized solar park to cover the electricity requirements for administration and production at the company headquarters in Barskamp. In addition, there is the advantage of sustainably usable, retooling-capable basic elements of the modular fixturing system ALUFIX.

Witte Barskamp is ISO 14001 certified


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