Witte Contract Manufacturing

Grown from the company's roots and developed to this day to perfection: contract manufacturing at Witte Barskamp. The specialty is precision machining of particularly large workpieces up to extremely thin sheets made of high-tensile aluminum.


Only a few suppliers worldwide have mastered the processing of workpiece sizes and shapes in dimensions such as those demanded for example by the aerospace industry. Large, thin-walled components with wall thicknesses of less than one millimeter and up to twelve meters in length are required - as well as precision beyond any doubt


Originally founded as a subcontracting manufacturer, Witte has continuously maintained and perfected this business area. Today Witte is one of the internationally most sought-after manufacturers in the high-tech areas mentioned and other extremely demanding branches of industry. For example, medical technology, measurement technology, food production and mechanical and plant engineering.


State-of-the-art machinery is available for contract manufacturing at the company's Bleckede-Barskamp location, including more than 40 CNC machining centers, vacuum clamping technology for large components, CNC lathes and air-conditioned measuring rooms with a temperature constant of +/- 0.5 degrees Celsius.


The flexible deployment of around 75 industrial staff members in the machining area and a demand-oriented 24/7 shift operation of order processing also offer the highest precision in terms of deadlines.


Stand: Mai 2019