Sandwich plates - light, strong, accurate plates

Hovercraft sandwich plate with exchangeable supports, for fast transport between loading area and measuring machine
Special sandwich plate: Supports are mounted in grid with clamping disks and positioning sleeves then clamped with excenter quick clamps
Sandwich plates for measuring and transport

Witte sandwich plates are just as ergonomic and economically intelligent as the fixturing systems. They serve as a basis for measuring fixtures, for mounting complete fixtures, for assembly or transport purposes or as an alternative to conventional granite tables for 3D coordinate measuring machines. They are characterized not only by their light weight, but also high rigidity, evenness and parallelism. All plates can be manufactured with grids and sleeves for Witte PPS and PWS mounting systems or suitable for customer’s own system.

Both the stationary vertical and horizontal sandwich plates can be manufactured according to individual requirements:

  • Hovercraft (with independent or mains supply for compressed air)
  • Motor driven (x/ y friction drive)
  • Cable or radio remote controlled
  • Various grids, with or without sleeves

Certification marks & Award

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Video about the new generation of sandwichplates of Witte Barskamp KG
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