ALUFIX - Systematic Reliability

Reliability from market leader in fixture building
with 25 years of experience and more than 10.000 systems sold worldwide

Why and when do you need this system?

  • You want a fast solution with short reaction times and high flexibility?
  • Immediate availability is a must for you because planning time is getting shorter and shorter?
  • You want to remain independent and prefer "do it yourself"?

ALUFIX guarantees your success in four ways.

What does this mean?

Alufix Planungssicherheit Investitionssicherheit Funktionssicherheit Servicesicherheit
Planning reliability

Planning reliability

ALUFIX shortens your planning time and gives you a high degree of freedom with

100% compatibility

100% continuity

100% availability

  • All system sizes can be combined
  • No weight or size limits
  • Can be used with other systems and clamps
  • ALUFIX has been on the market for 25 years
  • Basic design has always remained the same
  • Original components still valid today
  • Over 90% of components on stock
  • Own manufacturing facilities with modern workshop
Investment reliability

Investment reliability

ALUFIX offers you 4 tangible commercial advantages

100% quality

100% cost effective

Compared to dedicated fixtures Alufix gives you a financial advantage already from second application onwards.

100% recoverability

ALUFIX quality standard

  • High-tensile basic material as used in aircraft industry
  • Comprehensive machining for highest precision
  • Patented wear-resistant connection technology
  • Fast return of investment
  • Productivity advantage by minimizing your standing times
  • Multiple application possibilities with few components

Compare cost

  • Extremely wear-resistant
  • High accuracy with tolerances upto H7/js7
  • Consequential system continuity
Functional reliability

Functional reliability

ALUFIX saves you time and money, because all tasks are solved quickly and accurately:

100% intelligence

100% easy handling

100% speed

High versatility using patented characteristics

  • Outer dimensions of standard components are a multiple of grid size
  • Bore diameter is always half of grid distance
  • Through bores in three directions
  • Low weight and high dimensional accuracy
  • No large storage space required when fixtures are disassembled
  • Few special assembly tools necessary
  • ALUFIX-EXPERT software for short term feasibility studies, for planning or simple partlists and pre design drawings
  • Parts library ALUFIX FIXMES for common CAD applications
Service reliability

Service reliability

Services around ALUFIX leave nothing to be desired:

100% Service

  • Free training at company headquarters
  • Four service stations in Germany
  • On the spot support
  • Subsidiaries in Singapore, Mexico and USA
  • Worldwide agent and distributor network
  • Project management
  • Many long-term employees with decades of experience at your disposal

...innovative technology - a pleasure to work with!

Certification marks & Award

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