January 2022 | Significant product upgrade at no extra cost

Witte jaw manual chuck

The German clamping specialist Witte Barskamp is giving its keyless  chucks a significant upgrade at no extra cost in the young product year 2022.

They are used for gripping complex, rotationally symmetrical or elliptical parts, for example when testing with 3D coordinate or roundness measuring equipment.


In addition to an ergonomically optimized slew ring, the 2022 generation of Witte chucks comes with two other innovations: Jaw bores for the additional insertion of stepped positioning pins as well as threaded holes for screwing in spacers and stops.


The newly designed slew ring now enables an even simpler, more comfortable and sensitive adjustment of the three- and six-jaw chucks.


The additional pin holes in the jaws are used to accommodate stepped positioning pins that are included as standard. This makes a feature that was previously available as an extra part of the basic equipment of the entire current jaw chuck series.


Three additional threaded holes in the chuck base now also allow spacers to be screwed in, or the application of a torsional stop that is independent of the movement of the jaws.


All upgrades of the black anodized new jaw chuck generation from Witte are included at no additional cost compared to the previous versions and are available immediately.


The three- and six-jaw manual chucks from Witte also come to the user as a basic set of up to 37 parts consisting of base jaws, reversible jaws and top jaws. The combination of base jaws and top jaws alone allows for an enormous number of workpiece-specific clamping options.

Witte jaw manual chuck


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