FLIP-POD Vacuum System

FLIP-POD Vacuum System
FLIP-POD Vacuum System

For mechanical milling or grinding

  • Drilling
  • Making threaded bores

Mainly for large workpieces made out of

  • Wood
  • Plastic, glass or cast metals. Suitable for sawn or raw surfaces


  • Strong hold down forces enable the use of large machines.
  • Bevels, contours and radii can be performed on the upper and lower workpiece surfaces
  • Clamping dimensions can be changed within seconds to conform to new workpiece sizes
  • Can be used on most machine-tables


  • Pods are the contact surface for the workpiece
  • Simply activate or deactivate the pods by turning them around
  • To clamp a workpiece effectively 6-8 pods are advised
  • This modular system can be extended for larger clamping surface

Certification marks & Award

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Operating instructions for FLIP-POD
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