Comprehensive know-how with regard to machining aluminium. Company founder Horst Witte in discussion with production manager Wilhelm Klinge
Extensive milling work for i.e. customers in aerospace industry, medical or measuring technology

Witte's Aluminium specialists

... have over 45 years experience in machining aluminium alloys

Wide spectrum of machining and processing

  • workpieces with large surface areas (upto 12m by 3m)
  • thin walled aluminium sheets with thicknesses under 1mm and
  • extruded profiles

Excellent references with longstanding customer relations

  • aerospace (i.e. Airbus GmbH, EADS)
  • medical technology (i.e. Kendro. Eppendorf Instrumente GmbH)
  • measuring technology (i.e. Zeiss, Leitz)
  • food processing companies (i.e. Nestle, Hochwald)
  • heated plates? (Hertz)

... are working for you on the highest level

  • ultra modern machine shop (average age 6-7 years)
  • supply of sophisticated workpieces incl. measuring report
  • modern measuring machines in climatised rooms (constant temperature +/- 0,5 °C
  • project management

... solving your machining job reliably

  • Machining capacity
    • 37 CNC machining centres with ranges upto 10m x 2,5m (Zayer FP5) and 12m x 3m (Uniport)
    • in house designed and manufactured vacuum
    • clamping technology especially for large machine
    • 5-sided machining
    • 8 CNC lathes with automatic material loaders, powered tools and opposed spindles
    • conventional milling machines and lathes
  • On time
    • experienced project managers
    • 3 shift and 7 day operation depending on deadline situation

Certification marks & Award

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