Investment reliability

ALUFIX offers you 4 tangible commercial advantages

ALUFIX-Quality standard

The quality of ALUFIX components results from our selection of suitable materials in combination with optimal manufacturing processes. Comprehensive effort ensures a quality standard in the market which is achieved by only "original" ALUFIX:

1. Basic material

  • High-tensile aluminium alloy as used in aircraft industry, anodized
  • Lightweight
  • High stability

Compared to other profiles available on the market, omportant differences of fundamental material criteria are immediately obvious:

 ALUFIXCompetitor 1Competitor 2


AIZnMgCu0,5 - 1,5



Tensile strength

510 N/mm 2

230 N/mm 2

350 N/mm 2

Expansion limit

420 N/mm 2

Not known

Rp0,2 290 N/mm 2

Weight/M (80x80)

3,9 kg

8,7 kg

6,9 kg


150 HB

Not known

107 HB


2. Manufacturing

After extrusion components are machined on all sides in an average 32 steps. This guarantees:

  • High accuracy, minimal tolerences (grid holes +/- 0,01 mm, hole diameter H7)
  • 100% repeatability
  • High dimensional accuracy of basic structures
  • Flat outer surfaces (normally on unmachined extrusions material is always slightly convex and twisted due to torsion)
  • Very hard wearing

3. Connection technology

  • Screw connection with large connection surfaces ideal for long-term fixture use
  • More information
  • Quick connection for short-term fixture use or where changes are often made



System Economy

How does this help you?
The chart shows clearly that in comparison to conventional fixtures ALUFIX starts to pay for itself the second time the components are used.

Fast availability a major issue in planning and using fixtures ALUFIX fixtures are designed and built extremely quickly. This is due to everything is taking place in our own facilities with a high degree of manufacturing allowing great flexibility.
Changes and modifications made on your parts during planning and manufacture can be taken into account immediately. This avoids lengthy processes for corrections. Even belated changes are carried out quickly and easily. You save time and resources and can use your capacities more economically

Single components of the system can be used different ways so that it is possible to build fixtures with a small range of  basic elements, i.e. base plates, bars, adjustment elements, top-sections, clamps, connectors.



Value for money

ALUFIX fixtures are extremely long-lasting, hard-wearing and maintenance-free due to:

  • High value high-tensile aluminium as used in aircraft industry
  • High-precision machining accuracy with tolerances from H7/js8
  • Connection elements in high quality material
  • Almost unlimited reusability of components
  • Long-lasting value due to system continuity

Certification marks & Award

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