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Vakuum_Spannvorrichtung August 2018 - WITTE clamps soft plastic injection-molded parts accurately and gently
WITTE clamps soft plastic injection-molded parts accurately and gently for measuring process Soft and delicate plastic lids for detergent bottles must be measured during their manufacturing process. Experience shows that repeatable clamping of these flexible plastic parts is not easy. All kinds of clamping force can act on the components causing them to bend and thus jeopardize the actual measuring process. Any kind of selective clamping pressure, which would ultimately lead to deformation of these sensitive thin-walled injection molded parts, must be avoided.
Vakuum_Spannvorrichtung July 2018 - Vacuum Clamping for testing SD Cards
An essential prerequisite for checking conventional SD memory cards is the accessibility of these sensitive workpieces from at least 5 sides. What could be better than a gentle and at the same time repeatable process using a special vacuum clamping device for multiple parts.
 June 2018 - WITTE ALUFIX Lightweight Plates
In addition to precision and long-term quality, "lightness" is an essential parameter in fixture building and metrology.
 May 2018 - WITTE scooter
The scooter is an autonomous feeder system for measuring equipment. It was developed to coordinate the transport of fixtures. It is equipped with an autonomous navigating drive unit, mounted with a conveyor belt together with a functional surface (i.e. grid plate).

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