Press - Archive 2017

 August 2017 - Witte: New and improved vacuum base for measuring arms
For many years, the WITTE vacuum base for measuring arms and devices has been used successfully in quality assurance. This self-sufficient item with integrated vacuum generator and control elements gives measuring arms a solid base on site. Witte has now further developed this vacuum base, which can also be used on free-form surfaces, and has added some new control elements and optimized others.
 July 2017 - Witte: New automatic liquid separator for vacuum systems
Witte has now developed a liquid separator, which is integrated into the suction line of vacuum clamping systems and automatically removes all sucked-in fluids.
 May 2017 - WITTE - Innovative addition of vacuum slot type chucks system
The new modular clamping chucks are an innovative system addition and expansion of possible application areas for vacuum clamping using slot type chucks from Witte.
 February 2017 - What measuring technicians want
Driverless sandwich plate transport system from Witte Barskamp KG brings flexibility to VW Crafter measuring room.

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