Press - Archive 2007

Messvorrichtungen aus Alufix-Standardkomponenten mit laser-gesinterten Kontur-Pass-Stücken  (orange) December 2007 - Alufix & RapidFit
Alufix & RapidFit Perfect symbiosis
Ms Ramahrishnan Shashikala is setting up a measuring fixture October 2007 - Schneider Electric, India
Schneider Electric India works with modular fixturing system Alufix
Demo van equipped with all important components of Alufix modular fixturing October 2007 - Tour de Alufix
For the last three months Witte’s demo van has been on the road in Europe. It is equipped with all important components to introduce and demonstrate Alufix to customers on site.
Der Messraum von Fette September 2007 - Pallets for tablets
Highest quality and accuracy are obligatory when manufacturing tablet-presses. In order to set up parts fast and flexibly for checking, Fette uses the Alufix fixturing system from Witte.

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