News - Archive 2016

 December 2016 - Improved vacuum unit from Witte
Witte is now offering one of their most popular vacuum units over the last decade with a new improved design This tried and tested series of modular vacuum units has been adapted to current customer requirements and brought up to state of the art in terms of operation and process reliability.
 August 2016 - Various possibilities of part clamping using vacuum systems
Different manufacturing, test and measuring processes in areas of mechanical machining or new technologies in the field of semiconductor technology or RFID sector are just a few applications where Witte vacuum systems are used and making a significant contribution to the reliable production of products.
 April 2016 - Witte is renamed and extends its management
From 01.04.2016 Horst Witte Gerätebau Barskamp KG will operate under the name Witte Barskamp KG.
 March 2016 - Consistent expansion of Witte Sandwich Plate programme
"Reference Systems" or measuring and holding fixtures are as relevant as the measuring equipment itself for accuracy and reliability of results, whether using tactile or optical measuring processes.
Gefrierspannplatte January 2016 - Ice- Vice freeze clamping using the power of nature
The clamping specialists Witte from the Lüneburg Heath, are constantly finding new methods of workpiece clamping, whether on a machine for mechanical processes or on a coordinate measuring machine.

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