News - Archive 2014

 December 2014 - Automated car body measurement
Witte equips new series measuring room at VW Emden with driverless sandwich plate transport system.
 September 2014 - New Vacu-Vise-clamping system from Horst Witte Geraetebau
This clamping system consists of a specially designed vacuum chuck and two clamping jaws, which are mounted on a rigid, but resiliently deformable support plate. When vacuum is switched on, the support plate is drawn into a trough and deformed in such a way that the clamping jaws tip towards each other and thereby clamp the work piece securely with great force.
 September 2014 - Modular Base Chassis for vehicle models and fixture building
The Modular Base for Chassis is a universal, modular system for vehicle development during design, build and model phase up to prototyping and part coordination phase using cubings and meisterbocks.
 April 2014 - our longstanding, established software Alufix Expert has been developed further
In order to design software supported fixtures even faster, Alufix-Expert software in an updated version is available and can be used not only for planning and designing fixtures, but also for productive use by completely creating a full fixture design without any further processing in a classic CAD system.
 January 2014 - New starter set ECO 2014
In order to introduce entry level users to technology for work piece clamping, Witte has brought an ECO set onto the market at an attractive price.

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