News - Archive 2013

Vakuum Durchlichtchuck eingeschaltet August 2013 - Innovation at EMO 2013: Light transmitting vacuum chuck by Witte
Together with 3-D-Micromac AG in Chemnitz Horst Witte Gerätebau Barskamp KG has developed a light transmitting vacuum chuck. Optical recognition systems can be used for identification of components while part is clamped.
Vakuum Spannplatte mit integrierter Vakuumerzeugung August 2013 - Innovation at EMO: Self-contained vacuum chuck working with integrated vacuum supply
Witte has developed a completely new type of vacuum chuck which operates without any kind of extra vacuum supply unit.
 May 2013 - Mobile precision in XXL format - The Witte company has now developed a sandwich plate mounted on roller bearings, which are easily navigated on all kinds of floors (E.g. tiles, assembly or shopfloor areas).
Accurate and rigid Witte sandwich plates are mainly used as base for fixtures. Meanwhile other applications such as a means of transportation between the measuring and assembly areas are increasing.
 May 2013 - Multifunctional interior design fixture "Cockpit" from Witte
Growing quality demands in the automotive industry are not least noticeable in the manufacture of interior parts. Function and aesthetics need to be smoothly coordinated. Many interior components must have a perfect look and feel together when combined, so that these parts later meet design and function requirements.
 April 2013 - Rail-Pod Witte vacuum clamping system
Nowadays modern rail carriages are manufactured from aluminium double hollow profiles. Machining of such extruded profiles is done on large milling machines. Processes involved are machining side walls, milling of the joining points to the floor and roof, as well as cutting of window and door openings.

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