World Skill Competition at School of Engineering (Manufacturing) in Singapore:

From left to right: Mr. Ho Hooi Min, Senior Director/SEG(M) & Director (Chemical)/SCL; Mr. Kenny Lin ZhaoXiong, Gold Medalist for CNC Milling; Mr. Chew Yee Tian, Silver Medalist for CNC Milling; Mr. David Wong, Deputy Director/A&PE
February 2011 | Winners trained with Witte Far East

Witte Far East offers practical support to students during their preparation for the manufacturing competition at Nanyang Polytecnic. They were able to carry out machining work relevant for the examinations by using a 3-axis milling machine. Witte gladly uses the possibility of promoting young trainees and intends to continue their successful co-operation with Nanyang Polytecnic in the future.

It is particularly pleasing that the two students who trained at Witte Far East won the gold and silver medals at the Singapore World Skills Competition for CNC milling this year.

We congratulate Mr. Kenny Lin Zhao Xiong on his gold medal as well as Mr. Chew Yee Tian for the silver medal in CNC-MILLING!

The gold medal winner will represent Singapore at the 41. World Skills Competition, which takes place in London in October.

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