3D Design Software #85344

ALUFIX Expert software makes automatic designs for fixtures with corresponding partlists. You choose the system and define clamping points. The software calculates on the basis of this information complete solutions and variations of a fixture.

Simply select the desired Alufix system, the basic type of build (frame or plate), the grid size and the position and function of clamping points. On the basis of this input the software calculates complete solutions and variations.

For checking purposes and measuring off of surface vectors additional part data in all established formats can be imported. Pictures show some variations, which have been calculated by the software.The clearly structured, self-explaining software is easy to learn. Two separate but complementing help functions (Tool tips and Operation Manual) support users at all times.The design data is exported in either IGES, STL or VRML format (i.e. for offline programming of coordinate measuring machines), or can be transferred with a macro and the corresponding parts library in Catia V4/V5, Unigraphics or Autocad.