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The vacuum system you can cut right into!
Clamping surface with a high friction value,milling through of outer and inner contours.Variegated VacMats with different characteristics.

81759 modular chuck, single
82837 modular chuck, double
82825 modular chuck, four times
10030 VAC-Mat blue
11053 VAC-Mat green
11548 VAC-Mat red

Vacuum Base for measuring arms

Vacuum Base for measuring arm 282446B

Universal, stand alone Vacuum Base for fixing all popularmeasuring arms on flat surfaces. Easy to use, high holding force of 4200 Newton

Grid chucks

Grid chucks

Strong hold down force, for universal applications. The O-shaped seal evens out any irregularities between workpiece andchuck surface.

89676 Grid chuck 200x300
90249 Grid chuck 300x400
92289 Grid chuck 400x600
00070 O-shaped seal Ø4mm

Slot vacuum chucks

Slot vacuum chucks

Machining of complicated work pieceshapes with cutouts etc.Wide field ofapplication due to the use of rubberadapter mats.

Low total height.
287960 Slot vacuum chuck 200x300
289470 Slot vacuum chuck 300x400
289471 Slot vacuum chuck 400x600
14927 Rubber adapter mat 400x2000
17302 Rubber adapter mat 400x9100

15% price advantage on Vacuum-Clamping Technology products

Modular vacuum units

Modular vacuum units

80172 Modular vacuum unit10m³/h 230V
80173 Modular vacuum unit10m³/h 400V
82147 Modular vacuum unit16m³/h 230V
82146 Modular vacuum unit16m³/h 400V
80174 Modular vacuum unit20m³/h 230V
80175 Modular vacuum unit20m³/h 400V
82150 Modular vacuum unit63m³/h 400V

Liquid ring vacuum pumps

Liquid ring vacuum pumps

These robust pumps, are low on wear-and-tear and maintenance, work at up to 50mbar vacuum and do not need an additionalliquid separator:

93801 Liquid ring vacuum pump 25m³/h
93802 Liquid ring vacuum pump 48m³/h

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